Inspection of houses and preparation of reports

Inspections are carried out of the homes of persons applying to the Housing Allocation Committee for His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar Housing. A report is made to the Housing Manager on the living conditions of the applicant which includes measurements of the rooms available and details of the persons in occupation as well as any defects in the structure of the premises. Spatial overcrowding, external WC, shared facilities and mixing of sexes is included in the report.

We the Agency also respond to reports with regards to housing conditions in the private sector with a view to enforcing the powers available under the Public Health Act. Action can be taken on issues in the private rented sector such as dampness, structural issues, water ingress, drainage defects and other items which are dangerous in nature, prejudicial to health or constitute a nuisance as defined in the Act. This Agency’s powers can be engaged not only to tackle defects withing buildings but also on  those which pose a threat to the public such as dangerous walls and overflowing drains.

Photo by Visit Gibraltar - Visitgibraltar.gi
 Photo by Visit Gibraltar – Visitgibraltar.gi