Recyclable Material



All glass jars glass bottles without their caps & lids






Bottles of water, soft drinks, containers,bottles, bags, wrappers etc.




Can & Tetra Briks


Tetra briks packaging from juices, milk, wine etc.
All types of food tins and cans (tomato, tuna, peas, etc.) Soft drink cans. Metal bottle caps.






All household battery types (rechargeable and non-rechargeable), battery packs etc.




Paper and cardboard


Newspaper, magazines, cardboard,egg cartons, food packaging boxes.




Cooking oil


All waste cooking oil must be placed in asealed plastic container before depositing into these bins.






Small household appliances, IT/telecommunications/consummer/light equipment, electrical and electronic tools.
Toys, leisure and sports equipment, etc.




Other Wastes




[tabgroup][tab title=”” ]REDUCE[/tab][/tabgroup]


Reducing means cutting down on the amount of waste that is made.

The best way to reduce is to only buy items you really need.


[tabgroup][tab title=”” ]REUSE [/tab][/tabgroup]


Reuse means using something again rather than throwing it away e.g. using a glass jar to store food.


[tabgroup][tab title=”” ]RECYCLE [/tab][/tabgroup]


Recycling takes materials from items you have finished using and makes them into brand new products. For example, most aluminum cans are made with recycled aluminum. So if you drink juice from a can, recycle that can instead of throwing it in the bin. That can will then stay in the recycling loop.


[tabgroup][tab title=”” ]TIPS [/tab][/tabgroup]


Here are some great ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

– Buy only what you need and use all of what you buy.

– Avoid buying things that use excessive packaging and buy in bulk.

– Buy durable things that will last a long time.

– When things break, see if they can be fixed before throwing them away.

– Wash and reuse plastic cups, utensils and bags.

– Precycle by buying products whose packaging can be recycled.

– Always take your own bag whenever you go shopping! If you are just buying a few things just carry them in your hands.

– Complete the cycle and buy products made from recycled materials. When you buy products made from post-consumer recycled materials you are helping to reduce carbon emissions and saving resources.

For a comprehensive list please visit : The items collected from these bins are taken to an authorised recycling centre where certain parts of items are re-used or recycled, reducing waste and Gibraltar’s carbon footprint.