TFS Procedure No. 1

Full written Notification and Prior Authorisation

This procedure is applicable to the following wastes :


(a) All wastes destined for disposal

(b) The following wastes destined for recovery

    • Wastes appearing in the Amber List (contained in Annex iv of Regulation 1013/2006)


    • Wastes not classified in the Green List  (contained in Annex iii of Regulation 1013/2006)


    • Mixtures of unclassified wastes (i.e not appearing in the European Waste Catalogue


    • Mixed municipal waste collected from private households


Required documentation financial guarantee to be submitted with application

    • Completed Notification Document + 3 photocopies. This document is obtainable from our offices at 37, Town Range, Gibraltar.


    • Completed Movement Document + 3 photocopies . This document is obtainable from our offices at 37, Town Range, Gibraltar.


    • Copy of a valid contract between the Notifier and the consignee for the recovery or disposal of the notified waste, which must include the following conditions:


– On the Notifier …to take the waste back if the shipment or the recovery or disposal of the waste has not been completed as intended or if it has been effected as an illegal shipment, in accordance with Article 22 and Article 24 (2). ( EC Regulation 1013/2006)

On the Consignee… to recover or dispose of the waste if it has been effected as an illegal shipment, in accordance with Article 24 (3). (EC Regulation 1013/2006)

On the Disposal/Recovery Facility (if dfferent to consignee)… to provide a certificate that the waste has been recovered or disposed of in accordance with the Notification and conditions specified therein (EC Regulation 1013/2006)


  • All shipments of waste for which notification is required shall be subject to the requirement of a financial guarantee or equivalent insurance covering:

– Costs of transport
– Costs of recovery or disposal
– Costs of storage for 90 days

The financial guarantee is established by the Notifier or by another natural or legal person on its behalf and it shall be effective at the time of the notification.

Environmental Agency, being the competent authority of dispatch, shall approve the financial guarantee or equivalent insurance, including the form, wording and amount of the cover.

The financial guarantee is released when the competent authority of dispatch has received a certificate from the recovery/disposal facility that the waste has been properly recovered or disposed of. (Article 16e  Regfulation 1013/2006)

    • The intended carriers of the waste must be authorised by all the competent authorities concerned and therfore copies of the Vehicle Permits must be attached


    • Copies of civil lialbility insurances must be provided


    • The proposed itinerary/route of the proposed movements must be attached


    • Safety and security measures to be adopted while the waste is being transported must be stipulated


    • The identity of the Consignee and the Disposal/Recovery Facility (if different), its location, details of the treatment process that the waste will receive and a copy of the Administrative Permit that allows this treatment to take place, must also be provided


    • The identity/ies of the producer/s of the waste. Information on the origin, nature, quantity and composition of the waste, A physical/chemical analysis of the waste may be required.


    • The names and contact details of all the competent authorities concerned with thetransit and acceptance of the waste must be provided by the Notifier


    • Copy of the Application by the Notifier to the Disposal/Recovery Facility for the waste accepted there for recovery/disposal


    • Copy of the Acceptance Certificate/Letter from the Disposal/Recovery Facility to the Notifier