CIEH Level 3 Risk Assessment

The Agency organised a CIEH Level 3 Risk Assessment – Principles and Practice course earlier this year for its own staff and members of the private sector. The course is the minimum recognized qualification for persons within an organisation to become ‘competent’ to conduct risk assessments within their own field of expertise. The candidates had to produce a detailed risk assessment report on a work activity of their own choice.

The Chief Environmental Health Officer, Glen Banda, presented certificates recently to the following successful candidates:

Merit passes:

Michael Azopardi (GJBS)
Neil Wilson (GBC)


Neville Ferro (MH Bland)
Richard Murien (GBC)
John Balestrino (GBC)
Rhoda Reyes (Financial Servces Commission)
Anthony Griffith (Gibfirst)
Sarah MacLaren (Environmental Agency)
Liam Banda (Environmental Agency)
Jamie Catania (Environmental Agency)

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