Export of wastes

European Regulation (EC) 1013 / 2006 establishes two procedures for the authorisation (or otherwise) of shipments of waste between member states of the European Union and certain other signatories of the OECD Decision and Basel Convention.

Application is made in the first instance to this Agency being the competent authority of dispatch. The required documentation is assessed and then sent to the competent authority of destination (EU country for waste going for recovery or nearest approved facility for waste destined for final disposal ). Copies of the documentation are also sent to any competent authority/ie of transit (if applicable). What procedure is applicable will depend on the nature of the waste and the treatment that it will receive.

The two procedures controlling the import to, or export from, Gibraltar of waste material are:

The First procedure – Full written Notification and Prior Authorization

The Second procedure – applies to wastes included in the Green List and sent for recovery (only applies to quantities over 20kg).