Legislation was passed to control dust emissions in Gibraltar. The Environment (Control of Dust) Regulations 2010 seek to prevent, reduce or control dust emissions from the following activities or operations:


    • Dismantling or demolition of buildings


    • Construction works and excavations


    • Refurbishment works


    • Mining, road building and all other engineering works


    • Processing or stock piling of solid bulk materials, including sand, grit, gravel, rock, dirt, sawdust and ash


    • Operation of machines, equipment or vehicles


    • Operation and use of unpaved land for any purpose whatsoever


    • Any agricultural or horticultural activity or process


    • Any other type of operation, process or activity prescribed by the Minister by notice in the Gazette

Any person undertaking any of the above activities or operations must apply for a Certificate of Approval from the Chief Environmental Health Officer using the Application for Certificate form. A Dust Control Plan must accompany the application. As a minimum, it is recommended that the Dust Control Plan incorporates the recommendations contained in Dust – Best Practice Guide produced by the Department of the Environment and Climate Change, Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar.